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Microsoft Learning Details:

Designing a Virtualization Strategy

Microsoft Application Virtualization Technical Overview
Microsoft Application Virtualization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 Documentation

Microsoft Windows Enterprise: Improving Virtual PCs with Med-V

App-V Vs Med-V

Desktop Virtualization| Virtualized Desktop Products and Technology


10 Tips For Building a Virtualization ready Infrastructure

Hyper-V R2 Resources

Microsoft Volume Licensing - Microsoft Licensing for Virtualization

Remote Desktop Services
Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) Team Blog : Remote Desktop Connection 7 for Windows 7, Windows XP & Windows Vista

Designing the Physical and Virtual Infrastructure

Second Level Address Translation Benefits in Hyper-V R2
AMD-V Rapid Virtualization Indexing and Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V Second Level Address Translation - Doing IT Virtual

CPU Core Parking
The Lazy Admin : What?s New in 2008 R2 ? Core Parking
How to enable and control CPU core parking

Logical Unit Number - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
LUN management at the heart of SAN configuration

TCP Chimney
Information about the TCP Chimney Offload, Receive Side Scaling, and Network Direct Memory Access features in Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Enterprise Networking Team : The effect of TCP Chimney offload on viewing network traffic

VM Queue
Virtual Machine Queue (VMQ)

Virtual Network Types
Understanding and Configuring Hyper-V Virtual Networks - Virtuatopia

Jumbo Frames
Jumbo frame - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
TechNotes! | VM Chimney and Jumbo Frames

VHD Disks


Designing a Highly Available Virtual Environment

Cluster Shared Volumes
Q. How do Cluster Shared Volumes work in Windows Server 2008 R2?
The Lazy Admin : What?s New in 2008 R2 ? Cluster Shared Volumes
Windows Server 2008: Deploying Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV) in Failover Clustering

Clustering Whitepapers
Download details: Windows Server 2008 Clustering Documents

Network Load Balancing (NLB) in Windows Server 2008 | Media | TechNet Edge

Hyper-V Live Migration vs. Quick Migration | Virtualization Team

Designing a Deployment Strategy

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 (SCVMM) ? Virtualization
Evaluate System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2
Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager: Top 10 Benefits of System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 R2

VMM Self Service Portal
Installing the VMM Self-Service Portal
Deploying a VMM 2008 Self-Service Portal - Virtuatopia
Installing and Configuring SCVMM 2008 Self-Service Portal

Physical To Virtual Conversions
Performing Physical to Virtual (P2V) Conversions using VMM 2008 - Virtuatopia
Offline P2V Migrations using SCVMM 2008

Bare Metal To Live Migration Ms Video

VDI - Difference Between Static & Dynamic Deployments

Managing Hyper-V with PowerShell Video

Infrastructure Planning & Design

Designing a Management Strategy

Operations Manager
System Center Operations Manager 2007 (SCOM) ? Platform Monitoring
Configuring Operations Manager Integration with VMM
Microsoft System Center Operations Manager: Learning Resources

Image Servicing
Walkthrough: Servicing an Applied Windows Image Offline
Walkthrough: Servicing an Applied Windows Image Offline

Walkthrough: Servicing a Mounted Windows Image Offline
Walkthrough: Servicing a Mounted Windows Image Offline

Prepare and Service Windows Images Using the New DISM Tool
4sysops - Windows 7 DISM – how to mount, manage, and service WIM images

Authorization Manager
Authorization Manager How To...: Authorization Manager

Backing Up Virtual Machines

R2: Bare-metal to live-migration in about an hour (48 minute video from MS):